• Man moving oil can

In an effort to provide end-to-end solutions and minimize our customers’ liabilities, Petrotech Southeast is one of the few companies in Florida to hold all of the following permits:

  • Used Oil Transporter
  • Used Oil Transfer Facility
  • Used Oil Marketer
  • Used Oil Processor
  • Used Oil Filter Transporter
  • Used Oil Filter Transfer Facility

And while there are many used oil transporters in the state, there are only a handful of used oil processors in Florida, and even fewer who keep your oil in the state, in support of the local economy.

Additionally, Petrotech Southeast recognizes that the keys to successful used oil recycling are reliability and responsiveness. With thousands of customer locations throughout Florida, accurate and timely route planning is essential to the success of our customers. Our state-of-the-art route management system ensures the proper service intervals for each customer based on generation trends, and provides peace of mind that the highest level of service will be delivered.