• Carefully removing soil

Petrotech has the personnel, equipment, training and experience to complete your excavation project from start to finish.  Strong knowledge of the State and Federal regulations is must-have when performing environmental excavation and remediation projects.  With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Petrotech’s unique combination of resources takes the burden off of you.

  • Excavation
  • Transportation
    • Roll-Off
    • Dump Trailer
    • Drummed Waste
  • Disposal
    • Permitted Solid Waste Facility
    • Sludge Solidification
    • Drummed Waste
  • Related Services
    • Dewatering
    • Water Treatment (Air Strippers, Carbon Media, Etc.)
    • Remediation System Installation and Leasing
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Why Petrotech Southeast?

From our office personnel to our drivers and technicians, you will not find a company with more experience and knowledge in the environmental services industry than Petrotech Southeast. Combining that expertise with our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks and equipment makes for the perfect solution to your environmental needs.

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